Houseboat journey from Hamburg to Paris

Incredible houseboat journey with time-lapse video

Traveling is the most irresistible way to reinvigorate your mind with new ideas. Some choose to stay in a hostel due to budget, some luxuriate in the hotel with swimming pool and others choose to stay at a houseboat. However, German photographer Claudius Schulze lifts up his life to a new level by actually building his own houseboat and sailing his ‘soulmate’ from Hamburg to Paris, and stop by in Amsterdam along the way. And the coolest thing about this is that he made an awesome time-lapse video of his trip from Hamburg to Hannover.

By Linh Vo

The houseboat during her amazing journey through Europe.

Claudius laid the first stone on his career path as a professional photographer. But he soon attached another hobby to his walk of life. He was ruminating about a mean of transportation that can enable him to take more astounding photos and travel Europe at the same time. Inspired by the love of nature, he constructed his houseboat by eco-friendly materials. For examples, the scrap woods from an old farm barn were used to make the walls and the windows were also made from recycled products.

The result of his efforts can be enjoyed below in some amazing videos he made of his journey. This is the part from Hamburg to Hannover in less than a minute:

Back in 2016, he had zero houseboat building experience. The project simply seemed out of his league. Thanks to a huge load of perseverance and his skillful friends, he managed to build his floating dream home. The houseboat costed him around 12000 euros, actually quite a tight budget if you see what he built: a fully equipped houseboat with a bedroom, bathroom, lounge corner and the solar system installed on the roof.

Initially, this houseboat was created to be his working space as well as to conduct research for his photography projects. However, he soon realized that he can turn his working office into a floating home. And whit kind of home! A home that brought him to many wonderful places in France, Germany and The Netherlands. Claudius steered his vessel from Hamburg to Amsterdam and Paris and he plans to come back to Hamburg on June 2018.

The result of all the effort that Claus has put into his sustainable houseboat is very light and bright. Ready to hit the water! (photo: Claudius Schulze)

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