The sky is the limit with the HydroHome

Unique transportable houseboat hydroplane parking

Let's face it: the main reason why you don’t have hydroplane yet is that you would have troubles parking the thing, right? The good news is that a solution is found by yacht- and houseboat architect Max Zhivov: a houseboat that serves as a hydroplane parking. And when you want to move to another lake, just take it out of the water and tow it to wherever your next destination is with the two complementary trucks.

By: Juul Steyn - Images: Max Zhivov

Like many brilliant ideas, this concept emerged from a problem. “In this case I found out there is a lack of mobile parking facilities for hydroplanes, when reading several pilot forums”, says Zhivov in an interview with Bookahouseboat. “My solution was to design a houseboat, a wharf for boats, a garage and a water parking for a hydroplane. A project that now has seen the light, with the great help of my friend and airplane designer Alexander Shapin.”

The HydroHouse seen from above with the hydroplane in the air

Ambitious but not impossible

Sounds ambitious, and it is, but he believes that this unique and multifunctional houseboat can actually be built. Zhivov is a designer in the first place, but if he can find an investor, he would love to actually built this amazing vessel. “Technically it is possible to built this project. The houseboat is made out of modules that are pre-fabricated with an industrial look to it. Two trucks enable the proud owner to transport the whole thing over the road, to wherever he might want to go and launch in any lake or river with a decent ramp. Sounds good, doesn't it? We warmly welcome investors to have a chat when interested in creating something unique.”

The hydroplane is docked along the houseboat

Unique and multifunctional houseboat

If the HydroHouse will actually be built, it will for sure not be something for everyone. But those who can afford it, have something truly unique. The 15 meter long houseboat will have a fully equipped open kitchen with living room, a master bedroom, two guest rooms, a bathroom with WC and a garage. While floating on the water, it can also be used to dock multiple boats. On the roof you will find 65 sqm of solar panels, and two electric engines power the whole vessel. On the second floor there is plenty of space for water sports equipment and a sundeck. One thing is for sure: when you own the HydroHouse, you won’t be bored!

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The interior is light and bright

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Front view if the HydroHouse with parket plane

Floating parking lot


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