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The Netherlands, a small country below the sea-level that would undoubtedly drown if the dikes would breach, has a long history with water. From maritime technologies, to water management: the Dutch have both experience and knowledge. Subsequently, it is no surprise that the Dutch adapted to living with water. This resulted, for obvious reason, in many people actually living on the water.


Houseboats Amsterdam

Although most houseboats are inherently connected with the houseboat capital of the world: Amsterdam, many tourists don’t know that houseboats can be found all over the Netherlands. Allow us to take you to some places in the Netherlands where houseboats will definitely add something special to your holiday.


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Houseboat in Holland


Houseboats in Rotterdam

I am sure that it won’t come as a huge surprise that Rotterdam is also harboring many houseboats. The city, with one of the largest harbors in the world, grew because its connection with the sea, and the backwaters. Comparable to Amsterdam, many old freighters have now been turned into amazing homes. Luckily, some of these are available for rent. Since Rotterdam is becoming more popular among tourists due to its buzzing nightlife, cultural hotspots, and industrial surroundings, houseboats could well be the next big trend.


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Houseboat in Rotterdam


Houseboats in North-Holland

If you drive just a few kilometers north of Amsterdam, you find yourself in some of the most beautiful regions. Places such as De Rijp, or the Beemster are unique to the Dutch scenery. Houseboats (some of them moored, some of them driving) enable you to discover the entire region by water. Popular places such as Giethoorn, Driehuizen, and Broek en Waterland are all within reach!


Houseboats in Utrecht

In the province of Utrecht, as well as in the city, there are many lakes and rivers. The lakes of Loosdrecht, or the surroundings of Maarssen, are also perfect locations to stay in a houseboat. These locations are perfect when planning a roundtrip through the Netherlands! Easily combined with a trip to Amsterdam.



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The Netherlands’ history with water is not just about Amsterdam; people are living with, and on the water all across the country. If you are a houseboat enthusiast, you might want to consider travelling the country, searching for the most exceptional houseboats available! Of course, we will be your guide. 



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