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Welcome to Utrecht, the houseboat centre of The Netherlands

The city of Utrecht, capital of the Province Utrecht, is known for her wonderful historic waterways that offer great opportunities for living on the water. You won’t find any houseboats on the main canal that crosses the city centre, called the Oude Gracht or Old Canal’, but the surrounding waters have many great floating homes.


Houseboats in the city of Utrecht

There are found two major types of house boats in Utrecht. First of all there are former freight ships that have been transformed into actual homes. This means that the cargo hold has been turned into a modern home (in most cases, some of them are still pretty ‘Spartan’) with good insulation, and connection to water, gas and electricity. These boats offer a interesting combination of a traditional designed vessel and modern amenities.

Another popular houseboat type is based on a concrete barge with a wooden structure house – one or two levels – on top. On BookaHouseboat we offer several houseboat rentals in Utrecht that are built this way. These floating houses are equipped with modern amenities, fully equipped kitchens and lots of light thanks to the large windows that are located above water level.


Houseboats in the Province of Utrecht

The province Utrecht, centrally located in The Netherlands has a huge amount of lakes and small canal systems. These were mostly dug by hand in past centuries to take peat out of the ground, leaving wonderful water bodies. Famous are Lakes of Vinkeveen (Vinkeveense Plassen in Dutch) and the Lakes of Loosdrecht (Loosdrechtse Plassen) that both offer wonderful houseboat locations. We’re proud to offer a variety of houseboats that are for rent via BookaHouseboat.

An important river is the Utrechtse Vecht. This is a Rhine branch that runs from the village of Maarssen, next to the City of Utrecht, to Breukelen, Nigtevecht, and Weesp to finally discharge in the IJmeer. We’re glad to say we have nice houseboats for rent on the Vecht as well.





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