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Our houseboat rentals in the Netherlands (41)

Recommended Price: low to high Price: high to low Number of reviews Instant booking available
Classic Tjalk 'Perseverance' - sleeps 14
Rental from $1061 Per night

Classic Tjalk 'Perseverance' - sleeps 14

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 16 Sleeps, 16 Sleeps, (5 out of 1 review)

Dutch Tjalk 1896 - sleeps 20
Rental from $1509 Per night

Dutch Tjalk 1896 - sleeps 20

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 20 Sleeps, 20 Sleeps, (5 out of 1 review)

Authentic Sailing Ship Experience Amsterdam
Rental from $667 Per night
Captain Cooper's Sustainable Sailing Experience
Rental from $1145 Per night
Clipper Anthony - Anno 1898 - Sleeps 14
Rental from $1031 Per night

Clipper Anthony - Anno 1898 - Sleeps 14

Netherlands, North Holland, Muiden 14 Sleeps, 14 Sleeps, (5 out of 1 review)

One mast clipper 'New Care' - Sleeps 12
Rental from $3907 Per night

One mast clipper 'New Care' - Sleeps 12

Netherlands, Friesland, Makkum 12 Sleeps, 12 Sleeps, (5 out of 2 reviews)

Clipper Parilicium - sailing cruises from Harlingen
Rental from Ask now!
Have a relaxing day on 'The Big Change'
Rental from Ask now!

Have a relaxing day on 'The Big Change'

Netherlands, North Holland, Muiden 14 Sleeps, 14 Sleeps, (0 out of 0 reviews)

'Kathrin' - Sailing cruises on the North Sea and Baltic Sea
Rental from Ask now!
Frisian Love - Luxurious sailing cruise ship
Rental from Ask now!

Average rating of the Netherlands: 5 out of 5 based on 46 reviews.

Showing 1 to 10 of 41 houseboats in the Netherlands, with a total of 924 sleeps with prices ranging from $667 to $3907 per night.

Book a sailing charter in The Netherlands with Bookahouseboat.com

The Dutch have been known as seafaring people for centuries. And we are super proud to share an important part of that history with you. We offer a wide variety of traditional sailing ships in The Netherlands that can be chartered for just a few hours up to several weeks. You can depart from the city of Amsterdam, or one of the many other harbours such as Rotterdam, Muiden, Monnickendam, Enkhuizen and Harlingen.

A sailing holiday, or just a sailing trip during your holiday in The Netherlands is a unique way to discover our country. The surroundings are constantly changing at a calming pace. This way you can not only absorb the views in a pleasant way, but also really get away from it all and enjoy what life is really about: having a great time with your beloved ones.

Old ships with modern amenities

Although many of the ships we offer are over a century old, you may be assured that all of them are well adjusted to the modern times. All ships have running hot and cold water, suitable toilets and a fully equipped kitchen. The level of comfort varies from basic (suitable for an affordable bachelor party) up to super high-end, for example if you want a unique and luxurious wedding location.

A special sailing trip for everyone

It is safe to say that we offer a suitable sailing charter for everyone, thanks to the wide variety of ships in our fleet. None of these cruises require any sailing experience, yet all of them offer the option to become ‘part of the team’. The captain and experienced crew are always glad to show you the ropes. Regarding the catering you can always discuss the options. You can choose for a fully catered trip, cook yourself or anything in between. One thing is for sure: you won’t be hungry!

Sailing cruise from Amsterdam

A popular choice for friends and families visiting Amsterdam is a half-day or a full day trip, departing from Amsterdam. After a short cruise over the IJ River, you will enter the wide open waters of the Markermeer, part of the former Southern Sea. Just look around you and you will see where Dutch masters like Rembrandt got their inspiration from to paint such impressive clouded skies.

Sailing cruise on the IJsselmeer and Frisian Lakes

If you have more time, we highly recommend picking one of our sailing trips where you can sail the wonderful Frisian Lakes and the IJsselmeer. During the latter you can depart from, and visit the traditional fishing villages Volendam, Monnickendam and/or Enkhuizen. You will sail the IJsselmeer: the former Southern Sea and now the largest fresh water lake in Europe. This will give you the true sense of sailing the waves of the open sea – yet with a much smaller chance of getting seasick since the waves are quite modest.

Sailing cruise on the Wadden Sea

Now let’s have a look at the options for those who really want to taste the salt on their lips. Yes, it’s time to discover the Wadden Sea, or in Dutch: Waddenzee! Sailing here means that you will discover this world heritage site in the most suitable way possible. You can either depart from one of the harbours around the IJsselmeer or Amsterdam, or from Harlingen in Friesland. During a Wadden Sea cruise you can visit one or more of the ‘Wadden Eilanden’ (Wadden Islands). One thing you really should experience is to fall dry with your ship during low tide. This is a unique opportunity to walk on the bottom of the sea: exciting, fun and guaranteed to create everlasting memories.

Sailing cruise to the Baltic Sea

Last but not least, we have something really exciting for the brave and the strong: get aboard the Unity in Rotterdam and prepare for an unforgettable trip to the Baltic Sea. The Unity, a three masted Tallship, is the largest sailing ship in The Netherlands and can accommodate up to 36 guests during this trip comfortably.

So whatever your demands are when planning a sailing holiday in The Netherlands, we will always find ‘the perfect sailing ship’.

Let us help you arranging the perfect sailing cruise!

We hope to have given you the best possible impression of the options that Bookahouseboat.com offers when it comes to sailing charters in the Netherlands. If you are interested in a sailing cruise, just fill out the fields and get in touch with the captain or manager of the ship. And don’t hesitate to contact us:

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