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Our houseboat rentals in Amsterdam (151)

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Captain Pippi
Rental from $420 Per night
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Captain Pippi

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 4 Sleeps, 4 Sleeps, (0 out of 0 reviews)

Mar B&B
Rental from $230 Per night

Mar B&B

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 2 Sleeps, 2 Sleeps, (5 out of 1 review)

La Estrella - two floor wheelhouse apartment
Rental from $336 Per night
The Tulip of Amsterdam - city center houseboat
Rental from $257 Per night
The Ivory Wheelhouse - super central and cozy
Rental from $155 Per night
Rental from $362 Per night


Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 2 Sleeps, 2 Sleeps, (0 out of 0 reviews)

Rental from $175 Per night
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Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 4 Sleeps, 4 Sleeps, (5 out of 5 reviews)

Houseboat in Old Center
Rental from $233 Per night
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Houseboat in Old Center

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 2 Sleeps, 2 Sleeps, (4.8 out of 44 reviews)

Galeforce One - Jordaan houseboat studio
Rental from $252 Per night
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Galeforce One - Jordaan houseboat studio

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 2 Sleeps, 2 Sleeps, (4.8 out of 17 reviews)

Garden of Eden
Rental from $142 Per night
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Garden of Eden

Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam 5 Sleeps, 5 Sleeps, (4.7 out of 36 reviews)

Average rating of Amsterdam: 4.8 out of 5 based on 1393 reviews.

Showing 1 to 10 of 151 houseboats in Amsterdam, with a total of 617 sleeps with prices ranging from $78 to $1448 per night.

Welcome to Amsterdam, the true houseboat capital of the world!

If we have to choose a houseboat capital of the world, it would definitely be Amsterdam. There's no place on earth with a higher density and a broader variety of floating homes than Amsterdam. A significant number of locals enjoy living in these ships, barges and floating luxury villa's, and we're glad to say that a lot of houseboat owners decided to share their place with you on Bookahouseboat.com. Apartments, hostels and hotels are extremely boring so do something different and book a houseboat! An experience you truly won't regret.

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Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands, has something to offer for everyone who loves the good life, culture and pure joy. The city itself is a first class attraction, with its beautiful 16th century houses, red-light district, canals and lovely parks to wander around. And of course it has famous museums where you can see the works of the great painters such as Van Gogh, Rubens, and Rembrandt. Whatever your interests, staying on a houseboat is a great choice for every guest of this unique city.


To do in Amsterdam: canal cruises, bike rentals and guided tours

A houseboat holiday in Amsterdam is not complete without a Canal Cruise. Book now with one of our preferred partners and you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. You will see the city with the best view possible: from the water, with ever changing scenes passing by. Prefer to stay on land, make sure to book a guided tour or rent a bike to discover this great city. We have a fine selection of preferred partners when it comes to bike rentals and guided tours and Amsterdam fishing guides and tackle shops. And now let's have a look at the superb houseboats that are for rent, and their characteristics.



Private boat tour Canal cruises Bike rentals and guided tours Fishing guides and tackle shops Day trips from Amsterdam


Traditional freight ship houseboats

The most genuine houseboat hire experience is to stay on a traditional freight ship or sailing ship. These steel vessels are up to 40 meters in length and offer a genuine maritime feeling. These ships have been refurbished with the sole purpose of housing people, although some of them still have their engine. However, in Amsterdam you won't be able to take a tour with these boats since they are all moored to the shore. But just watching other boats, ducks, swans and geese passing by, makes you feel like a real boatsman as soon as you get on board. A great short stay vacation rental!


Concrete barge houseboats

Another popular houseboat type is the concrete barge with a wooden frame house on top. If you're looking for a short stay houseboat hire with large windows and lots of light, this is definitely your best choice. These floating homes are solely built to house people on the water, so no compromises have been made and every square meter is designed to give as much comfort as possible. Most of these square barges are relatively young and offer a high level of comfort, such as floor heating, modern kitchens, and a luxury bathroom. But what about the nautical feeling of such a concrete barge? A good question, and we're glad to say that the experience is yet different than on a real ship, but you'll absolutely love it. Not in the least because you'll be even closer to the water then on a traditional ship because the windows are usually just above water level. This enables you to enjoy the water even more!


Great houseboat locations

Ok, I'm convinced that a houseboat is the place to be when visiting Amsterdam, but what's the best location? Well, that depends entirely on your own preferences. You will find houseboats for your vacation rental on almost every canal and every harbor in the city. Of course the city center is very popular since you're as close to the 'buzz' as possible, but if you prefer a more quiet place you might consider a different area. In 'Oud West' (Old West) you'll find lovely houseboats at walking distance of the Jordaan area, yet just far enough from the tourist masses to have a great night rest. And of course there's the harbor area called the Eastern Docks with it's own atmosphere. This area is much more open than the rest of Amsterdam and it offers wide views over the water. And with the tram, or a bike at hand, the city center is never far away. So wherever you decide to go on vacation, skip the hotel! As we're sure you'll have a great time on one of the many (luxury) houseboat rentals in Amsterdam that we offer on Bookahouseboat.com!


Safest city in Europe

Some comforting news. According to the Economist's 2019 safe cities index ranking Amsterdam is the safest city of Europe! And the fourth safest city worldwide. It got an overall score of 88 out of 100 and scored very well on infrastructure security (92), personal security (89.4), digital security (89) and health security scored 81.6 out of 100. So feel safe, at ease and at home in the countries capital. Yet another great reason to visit Amsterdam.


Long term houseboat rentals Amsterdam

If you're planning to move to this nice city, we have a great selection of long term houseboat rentals in Amsterdam. Experience what it's really like to live on a houseboat - just like the locals. According to Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, living on a houseboat was one of the most inspiring things they ever experienced. We don't say that you will become a second Steve Jobs or Richard, but we can promise that living on a floating home in Amsterdam is a life changing experience for sure! We also offer such long term lettings, so check them out!


Long term houseboat rentals Amsterdam