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Romantic boat
Rental from $214 Per night
Romantic narrow boat in central London
Rental from $281 Per night
Captain Cooper's Sustainable Sailing Experience
Rental from $855 Per night
Luna Nueva - city center houseboat
Rental from $329 Per night
Happiness together
Rental from $121 Per night
Light and bright room 'Beach'
Rental from $115 Per night
Amsterdam Beach and Dune - sleeps 4
Rental from $230 Per night
Rental from $104 Per night


the Netherlands, Amsterdam 2 Sleeps, (28)

Sailing ships

Rental from $2100 Per night


the Netherlands, Kampen 40 Sleeps, (New houseboat)

Rental from $1886 Per night


the Netherlands, Enkhuizen 34 Sleeps, (New houseboat)

Traditional and sustainable ship 'Unexptected'
Rental from Ask now!
Unieke ruime boot nabij Amsterdam
Rental from $635 Per night
Stijlvolle tweemastklipper Avanti
Rental from $1554 Per night
Dutch Tjalk 1896 - sleeps 20
Rental from $1368 Per night

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Galeforce One - Jordaan houseboat studio

We stayed on the houseboat for 2 nights over Ascension Day. The small terrace was very nice, we drank our coffee there in the morning right next to the water. It was generally a smaller room, but everything you needed was there and you could quickly walk to all the highlights of the city. A nice houseboat experience :)

Caroline, Germany

Romantic boat

Lydia is a very gracious host. She was very accommodating and there if you needed her. We had wine waiting on us and enjoyed many hours on deck watching the boats go by. It is a 15min walk to almost everything you would want to see. It is a quiet little neighborhood with an awesome cafe on the corner. They set up a market across the canal during the week. The boat is 100 years old with lots of character. It was very cozy and...

Keith, the United States

The Couples stay

Houseboat with modern equipment in a top location and an extremely friendly and helpful host. We enjoyed our stay very much and can fully recommend this accommodation.

Harald, Germany

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Your options are endless. Ever thought of a houseboat holiday in Amsterdam, a bed and breakfast boat in Paris or a relaxing luxurious floating getaway on the Thames in London? Each of these cities offers a wide variety of floating homes. Or why not rent an authentic spice boat in India, a luxury cruiser on one of the great lakes in America or a narrow boat in England? Experiencing your holiday from a houseboat is nothing like anything you've ever done before. Pick your holiday destination, hire a houseboat and be welcome aboard!

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We are specialized in houseboats and offer the widest selection of amazing houseboat rentals from around the world. Lots of them are exclusively available through us. At Bookahouseboat.com you're not only booking a place to stay, but also an experience. From wonderfully renovated traditional ships, barges or rafts to the most exclusive floating villa’s with hotel like experiences. Booking and paying for your holiday is safe and simple through our website. And remember, customer care is of paramount importance to us. Always glad to help!

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Choosing the right houseboat can be a challenge. Therefore we have a Sailor Taylor Service: tell us your needs and we will send you a handpicked selection. Just send us a message and share your requirements: which dates, how many guests, the city or country you would like to go to and any other wishes you may have. We look forward to finding the best possible houseboat for your trip!

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Co-Founder Bookahouseboat.com

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Narrow boat rentals in the UK

Narrow boat rentals in the UK

Narrowboats offer a broad variety of options   The narrowboat – or narrow boat as these vessels are originally called – are the  most typical boats in the UK. Once, they were built to transport goods through the narrow canals of the British inland waterways. The boats could not be wider then 7 foot, otherwise they would get stuck in some of the locks. By now, most of these boats are used as (semi) permanent homes or as narrowboat rentals.   A lovely example of a traditional narrowboat is the ‘Stepping Stone’ in Surrey, hosted by Julie White. It’s hard to imagine that in the early days, we’re talking about the18th century, these boats were drawn by horses, guided by a crew member – often a child. At first the families who were in the narrowboat business would live on shore. But as soon as competition from the railway rose, those families could often no longer pay the rent and were forced to go live on board of these canal boats. A tough life, with long working days and poor living condi

A typical Paris houseboat holiday? Book a péniche!

A typical Paris houseboat holiday? Book a péniche!

The city of love, good food, and... houseboats!   Paris is without doubt one of the most amazing cities in the world. The city of love, the city of good food, the city of… houseboats! The river Seine is home to dozens of floating homes, or ‘péniches’ as the French call them, and quite a lot of these boats are actually for rent!   From the outside you would say it’s a dark and small place, but as soon as you enter these old steel boats, you’ll be surprised. Almost all the boats on the Seine, one of the most scenic things in Paris, are former freighters. And that explains the shape of these steel cargo ships: they are designed to fit in the French locks and canals exactly, without wasting precious space. This is why a typical ‘péniche’ is precisely 5,05 meters wide and 38,5 meters long. A lot of space, isn't it? Especially when you think of the size of an average hotel room in the city of love: not quite a ball room…   Rent a péniche in Paris       All that space, that must be a costly

The 2023 bed and breakfast guide for your stay in Amsterdam

The 2023 bed and breakfast guide for your stay in Amsterdam

Bed and Breakfast Guide Amsterdam Let's start with the basics. What is a bed and breakfast? A bed and breakfast is a small, intimate accommodation that offers overnight stays and sometimes breakfast, but no other meals to its guests. The B&B is most often in the same house or apartment as where the people who run it live.  Floating B&Bs If you're looking for a unique place to stay in Amsterdam, why not try a bed and breakfast in a houseboat? These floating B&Bs offer all the comforts of a regular bed and breakfast, plus the added bonus of being on the water. Amsterdam is home to hundreds of canals, so there's no shortage of houseboats to choose from. In historic buildings If you're looking for more traditional accommodations, Amsterdam has plenty of bed and breakfasts to choose from in general. Many of these B&Bs are located in historic buildings, so you'll be able to get a taste of what life was like in Amsterdam centuries ago. Many of these B&Bs are located in the city center, s